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Why not check out my music or something... You're more than welcome to use it for a game or movie... I create music at godspeed, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it ^_^

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Aight. it's been 4 years, I think it's time I reveal the truth behind this account since you lovely fuckers put up with my shit when I signed up with it.

Short story: this account is a dead troll account.

Long story: when I first heard of this site, I thought it was interesting, and after a while, I started to think it was...stupid. Around 2008, I finally I decided to make an account with a retarded, impossible to remember username (who is seriously going to remember "zzbtbest1000zz"?), and made it my mission to be the biggest douchebag possible, posting retarded flash games saying it took 13 hours to draw a few circles with a brush, and generally not taking the site seriously, posting whatever asinine, random bullshit I could think of to piss as many people off as possible and then act offended and passive-aggressive when they did get mad.

The only thing I was even remotely serious with was the music and like one tech post. I didn't want to be obvious like blusectionrrow18, though, no, I wanted to be confusing, I wanted you to think "is this guy retarded, or a fucking psycho?"

I eventually grew respect for NewGrounds when the community showed they can give sincere, honest reviews, even on the most mundane, boring content (like my first few songs posted here). At that point, I started taking the music more seriously, and started wanting to make a new account with a legitimate name, but kept trolling and making stupid ass posts for a little while until I finally made the new account and let this one die out. At that point, I decided not to delete this account and keep it as an archive for the music I posted, and then create the account I use now.

That is the meaning behind "It's not goodbye, it's hello". I made a new, real account to say "hello".

Honestly, this post should have been a dead giveaway that this account was a troll.

Maybe I have a weird way of trolling, but it's effective--it pissed people off, lol.

As a recap: I'm done trolling on Newgrounds. I've been done for over 4 years. I have nothing but respect for you lovely cock-joke loving motherfucker sons of fucking bitches, and hope that you all have a lovely fucking day on fucking newgrounds.

That's a lot of fucks I just gave. Allow me to give more.


Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

And with that, this account is officially dead

G'bai :D

The truth behind this account

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