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its patrick star its patrick star

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This is the art portal equivalent of B

Seriously, it's a line, a bent line, a bent line off to the left, a bent line off to the left that's pink and is magically "patrick star."

Just like B is a letter B that's red and off to the side.

I know you can make WAY better stuff. Anyone who can fuck up an audio submission as much as you can easily has the potential to get a #1 song on the AP, because that audio tweaking skill can be used for good, but instead you make songs like Airplane Glue and give descriptions like penis tornado and reply to honest comments with "fuk you my dad kick your asssz".

I don't get you.

2/10 because it amused me.

Gex Gex

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great pic, I've always loved the gex games, played and beat all 3 of them.

And as for Gex 4, I really dont know if that's going to happen on the consoles, but that's what newgrounds is for, isn't it? Someone needs to make the game in flash.

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MasterMerol responds:

I think Gex 4 was cancelled or something. It would be awesome if someone made a Gex flash game