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I see potential...

..but I don't hear it.

This could've been so much better had an arp not been used and if the synths were a little harder, scratch that, a LOT harder. At 3:45, the bass dropping in pitch gave you the perfect window to go hard-style, but you didn't take it, and that makes me sad :(

I don't wanna be harsh, so I am voting 7/10.

Next time, definitely use more hard synths, and less lowpass, and you will be seeing 10's after 10's

Good luck next time

Rinileki14 responds:


A little amateurish...

It's generic, and the quality of the sound is pretty low; it's like sandpaper to the ears, actually.

I'll give a four because of the drums were good, but the voices were in excess, it's like listening to an 80 year old with laryngitis trying to rap, it's a recipe for disaster.


Good luck on the next sub

JustinHanna responds:

The vocals are from an 80 year old serial killer with cancer, and the quality is low because I ripped them from a movie. And I'm 13, so I would be expected to be ''amateurish''.

This is amazing

I also love the re-use of older songs, as if to say "THIS IS IT"

The only problem I have is the excessive use of that scream, it got pretty irritating.

Besides that, props
9.99999/10 Because of the over-used scream

cheshyre responds:

Sorry about the scream and thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind for other songs that I think need some screaming in them... Thank you!!!!

Instant Fave

God this is awesome. The riff is so filthy, but it's not 100% wub wub wuuuub.

This is the perfect balance of theory and filth.

It's a shame you came in 5th place, should've been #1...

Guess a fair amount of people don't understand dubstep.


Reminds me of GTA

I can just see myself, grabbing a rocket launcher and shooting Wu 'Kenny' Lee, then getting in 6 star trouble with the feds, in their city, destroying their tanks.

Very retro, nice


B-RadGfromOV responds:

haha, thanks for the interesting review!


You got the 400,000th spot, good thing it wasn't a spammer.


Good thing it wasn't an epic fail...

wzaaa responds:

ehm.. Thanks, i guess?

I got a suggestion...

You should try a remix of castlevania, megaman, or Touhou, etc

I'm sure something will come to you...

The song:

I always thought crazy frog was EXTREMELY annoying to listen to, but even with my deep hatred for that song, you did a nice job remixing it. Nice beat



I love listening to technologic on my free time, props on the remix.

10/10 ^_^

You should check out some of my stuff, maybe we could collaborate on a song someday; two different styles would make an interesting song


Is this song following me or something? I mean I watched like 5 Tutorials on Flash and FL (with the moon song), and a top 10 VG music on screwattack, and I think a top 5 on IGN even, and now this!? Holy crap. Well, anyway this is a great remix, it's accurate, it follows the beat, and has a nice twist.

10/10 ^_^


I can tell this was made for a flash, can't wait to see it ;D

^_^ Props for simplicity 10/10

Seymour responds:

if someone could make this simple thing into a flash, my face would go ":DDDD"

Why not check out my music or something... You're more than welcome to use it for a game or movie... I create music at godspeed, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it ^_^

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